The neutral standard interface of the bicycle industry

Veloconnect is a digital communication standard for direct and efficient data exchange between bicycle dealers and their business partners.

By using a uniform "language", the exchange works regardless of which IT systems the respective parties use. As a result, a wide range of business processes can be handled between bicycle and sports retailers, suppliers and online service providers. Direct communication between the IT systems makes both sides more efficient and powerful. You can find an overview of the supported processes here.

The support by an independent and non-profit association (VSF e.V.) and the involvement of the main players ensures the neutrality of Veloconnect.
This prevents the enforcement of one-sided business interests and data misuse.

Since the first implementations in 2006, Veloconnect has also become the industry standard for this reason and is supported by around 100 suppliers, as well as all merchandise management systems commonly used in the industry for the bicycle trade (see Implementation).

Find out how Veloconnect can help you to make your business processes more effective here ...