Therefore Veloconnect:

"In the beginning, the focus was on the advantages of using Veloconnect.
But very soon it was a disadvantage not to work with Veloconnect"
Ludwig Balke, developer of Veloconnect.

With Veloconnect

  • you reduce your workload,
  • increase your efficiency and profitability,
  • increase the visibility of your products and
  • create a future-proof base for digital requirements of today and tomorrow.

Advantages for Suppliers:

  • Simplified acquisition of new customers:
    Many specialist dealers demand an existing Veloconnect interface from their suppliers to start new business relationship with them.
  • Avoid errors - work more efficiently and economically - more customer satisfaction:
    With the Veloconnect standard many errors caused by false data input or typos in the order process can be avoided. The automatization of order processes through your ERP-System helps you to save costs and time. The secure and quick process ensures greater customer satisfaction.
  • Equipped for digital developments - increase brand visibility - increase sales:
    Thanks to the smooth and fast exchange of data you can offer a service on your homepage that enables end consumers to quickly find the local specialist shop where the desired product is immediately in stock for viewing and purchase.
    The presentation of your products on dealer homepages is also possible without additional effort thanks to the exchange of structured product data. This increases the visibility of your brand.
    Omnichannel processes such as click & collect or dropshipping can also be mapped with Veloconnect in the future.

Implement Veloconnect and take advantage of the Future and Service Subscription.

Advantages for Retailers:

  • Overview - customer satisfaction - increased turnover:
    Using Veloconnect directly in your POS-System enables you to check the availability and stock information of products and parts from suppliers/manufacturers that are using Veloconnect.
  • Speed - efficiency:

    All changes to prices or quantities are synched before or while sending your order to the supplier. This allows you to react much quicker than before. When the delivery arrives, the matching of order and delivery note is already done thanks to Veloconnect.
    You save valuable working time and energy.

When selecting a cash register or merchandise management systems (POS-System), make sure that a complete and updated Veloconnect version is implemented! You can find a current list of all merchandise management systems that integrated Veloconnect here.

Advantages for Merchandise Management System Provider:

  • Easier acquisition of new customers:
    For many retailers, the presence of a Veloconnect interface is a prerequisite when choosing a new POS system.
  • Increased attractiveness of your system:
    Veloconnect enables shopkeepers to work more efficiently and benefit from the advantages of digitalisation.
  • Veloconnect avoids multiple expensive and maintenance-intensive implementations of interfaces, because Veloconnect is a standard recognised by the bike industry, which lets your customers connect with all relevant suppliers.

Therefore, use Veloconnect and take out the Future and Service Subscription.